You successful. You will have to guide yourself.

You wake up, yawn, pull up and turn off the alarm. Then check your personal messages, mail, social networks . Go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, while reading on the phone articles or watch TV. Then go to work, on the road listening to the podcast. Sounds familiar? I just described the morning of the average person. If your morning looks exactly the same, you live in a reactive mode.

And it’s very bad.How reactivity interferes with your successSuccess is personal. No one can designate it for you or order you to become successful. You will have to guide yourself. But if you constantly react to external stimuli – be it messages, social networks or news – you will not have the opportunity to guide yourself in the right direction.

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As a result, you will be unhappy with your life.picPhoto: UnsplashThe more time you spend on the reaction, the less you have left to achieve your own goals.Another negative effect of reactivity is that it accustoms you to strive for third-party pleasures, when you need to do business. Take, a typical work situation: you found that the meeting was canceled, and you have 55 minutes to the next. What will you do?Most people will automatically reach the phone and start checking messages. This is a typical option. But you also decided to evaluate your work for the day, meditate and achieve small goals (for example, work on confidence)! In this case, reactivity is useless.

It gives only the illusion of actions that do not bring anything substantial.Why I became proactiveI used to be an ordinary person, but suddenly I was hit by 24, and I did not achieve anything. It was not my parents who were to blame, but my desire to be constantly distracted. Remember the typical morning that I described at the beginning of the article? This is my morning. Only I was so distracted that I did not work at all. For days I rushed from one reaction to another, like a drunken bee.

Social networks and electronic correspondence gained over the years immense popularity, and during this time I unconsciously taught myself to be constantly distracted. The first thing I did in the morning was check the messages.picPhoto: UnsplashWhen I decided to change my life, I had to seriously reconsider the first hours of my awakening. I began to stick to proactive morning habits. Here’s what helped me in this:First of all, thanksImmediately after awakening, I thought for ten minutes about what I was grateful for.

Yes, it was not easy to overcome the desire to take up the phone (tip: leave it outside the bedroom). Gratitude forced me to collect my thoughts. It seemed to me that I have a real opportunity to achieve something every day. Introspection inspires action, and reaction to messages only causes nerves and emptiness in the head.Imagine the coming dayAnother 15 minutes I spent on something to imagine the following: What will I feel after I achieve something today-satisfaction, pride, confidence? People who will help my work.

Achieve long-term goals – both professional and personal. Independence, wealth, significance.Do not forget to make plansDuring the introspection and visualization of the coming day, I often came up with great ideas about what to do to make my dreams come true. So I started spending about ten more minutes to compile a list of the five most important tasks, including everyday activities, such as training, meditation, and so on.

Half-hour trainingTraining is the best way to change mood and increase confidence. After thinking over everything, I began to perform useful exercises – running, walking, cycling, lifting weights. In short, everything I wanted to do in the morning. Thanks to my training, I am charged with energy, I become more attentive and I want to tackle some interesting task as soon as possible.

picPhoto: UnsplashGo to business!After breakfast, I go to my desk. I do not allow myself to be distracted by anything, because I know that checking mail, messages and social networks will completely prevent me from succeeding. Therefore, the first thing I do in the morning is write an article. So I feel confident, concentrated and motivated. After the article is ready, I redirect this positive energy to other tasks.Enjoy the useWhen I began to adhere to proactive morning habits, I began to experience an amazing sense of delight.

I understood that I was achieving something, and energy was boiling in me. I was so happy that I never got bored of the old jet days. And all because when I constantly reacted to external stimuli, I did not get confidence.

And for happiness you just need confidence and understanding that you have achieved something.After I began to proactively spend my morning, I gained immunity to reactivity. I wanted to do more.

To check messages, I allocated a special time and even when I was doing it, it was not reactivity. I myself set myself the goal of checking messages twice a day – and I just did it.picPhoto: UnsplashAnd now four years have passed since my morning habits became proactive. Now I’m 28 years old and I earn by teaching others how to effectively set goals and stop distracted by unnecessary things.

The method works. And I guarantee that it will help you to live as you want.How to plan the morningWhatever you do, in the list of your morning tasks should be thanksgiving, planning and training.

Everything should take about an hour. I still like to do auto-training before a mirror, and you do what works for you.At this hour, limit yourself from reactive habits. No e-mail, messages, social networks or TV – no incoming information that will make you react. You need to learn to act sensibly and analyze your actions.

If you want to limit yourself more, tell your bosses and colleagues that in the morning you can not respond to their messages. Plan your hours of communication.Make a schedule of using the technologyNote in the scheduler when you will communicate with someone. Three times a day will suit the majority, five times – for more demanding occupations. I have a familiar salesman who checks mail and messages at 9:00, 11:00, 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 and 9:00, because his work requires it.

You decide. The main thing is to plan everything. Otherwise, you can not disaccustom yourself to constantly react to other people’s plans. You will feel desperate and can not proactively work to achieve your own goals.