Write type of media affects the way people

Write a letter to the editor in response to Curtis Wilkie’s editorial “Words Triumph Over Images.” In the letter, you must give your opinion about how the type of media affects the way people experience news. Support for your opinion must come from the lesson readings. You should compare at least two different forms of media from these readings to back up yThe assignment for this lesson is to create 10 to 15 annotations, or explanatory notes, to define some of Boyle’s more difficult language and to show students how Boyle makes an argument through storytelling. You’ll tie your thoughts together with an introductory paragraph that prepares students to interpret Boyle’s story.

You should have created a draft of this assignment in the writing activity called “Prepare Story Annotations.” If you didn’t complete that activity, you should go back and do so now. If you have already completed the draft, continue to the next page to start revising. our argument about why Wilkie is correct or incorrect.

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