Within on preventative measures that can be taken

Within the setting there are many different frameworks/policies/initiatives that promote health and give details on preventative measures that can be taken to manage the health risks with children and young people. These also take into account the health inequalities that are facing Scotland and try to provide information on how people can improve their health and wellbeing.

Setting the Table is one of these policies that is mainly used within a childcare setting but can also be used by parents/carers. Its main aim is to:• Inform on the nutritional needs of children• Encouragement to provide a them with a healthier diet• Information on types/quantities of food a child should eat (portion sizes etc)It highlights how important it is for practitioners to set examples to children at an early age when they are vulnerable and impressionable. Setting the table also provides practical activities that can encourage children to eat healthier and to make healthier choices themselves.

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Alongside all of the above, the policy provides information on vitamins, food intolerances and preferred diets that people may have (vegetarian, vegan etc). By providing this to children at such an early age, practitioners are being part of the change in Scotland, where the belief is early intervention is key. Giving children access to make healthy choices at this stage in their life should hopefully have a lasting effect with them and start a cycle of healthy eating throughout their lives.

This in turn should help with the health inequalities and Killer Diseases and it should decrease the chances of cardiovascular disease later on in the lives of these children, providing them with healthier outcomes.