WHY finally burst. This anger was formed after

WHY THE SOWETAN SCHHOOL CHILDREN ROSE UP AGAINST EDUCATION AUTHORITIES IN JUNE 1976According to (the diplomat), June 16 is considered as day that change the course of South Africa history. Many people lose their lives where the Government and the police were caught off guard, when the Soweto school children simmering bubble of anger finally burst. This anger was formed after the apartheid Government introduce the compulsory use of Afrikaans as the language.

Whereby maths and the social studies has to be taught in Afrikaans. This was good idea for the students to be against this Afrikaans thing. Especially if teaching and also learning complicated subject like Mathematics. The essay will describe the events leading up to Sowetan uprising, explain why the event occurred and why they are both positive and negative consequences of the event. This will described using personal narrative and historical recount.The event leading up to Sowetan uprisingBoddy Evans A (2001), emphases the 16th of June would never be forgotten.

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Furthermore even though this day will be remembered with terrible things that lead to loss of lives. Many things had previous happen before that was done by apartheid Government .According to South African the serious problem started in June 1976. Government introduce the compulsory use of Afrikaans as the language of instruction in both maths and social studies. The world newspaper (2012) it is where on the 13th of June the Sowetan schools leaders called up the meeting which was addressed the 19 year old extremely powerful speaker Tsietsi Mashinini. He announced that on the 16th of June the would be a mass demonstration.

During the mass demostration, Dave L (2006) track the death of Hecter Pieterson from his sister Antoinette Sithole “I was hiding on the second home next to Phefeni high school”. The way few shots in the meantime Hector was shots (The world photographer). Sara Nzima I was there to record Peterson’s last moment “I saw a child fall down under a shower of bullets, I rushed forward and went for the picture .The photo went around the world and Pieterson came to symbolise the uprising.Why the event occurred and why it had positive and negative consequences Due to the fact that it was apartheid time, and whereby Black people were not taken as normal human beings. That must be a reason for the uprising event because looking to the present times striking is one of our constitutional rights.

Sowetan student were tired enough for the Apartheid excuses. Moreover even though there were negative a negative and positive consequences. Whereby negatively many student lose their lives and also but positively got what they were looking for .Since the use of Afrikaans was than abolished by that time and for now as well .Therefore the preferred and understandable language of instruction is English and it is good in every side .

Many people never finished their education instead they go to military camps to receive training. After all the democratic Government decide to create memories about youth of 16th June , He than build a museum called Hecter Pieterson Museum located in Orlando West in Soweto. Which is about few block from where students and police began their violent confrontation, (South, June 2006).Conclusion