When revolver can easily be stowed away.

When the weather is nice, it’s time for a ride. Many motorcyclists are taking the highway this summer to enjoy the good weather and fun.
Whether it’s a long drive through the countryside or just a weekend getaway, there are some tips on how to hide your pistol while riding
a motorcycle.

Carry with a passenger

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So you have a passenger? No problem, the principles of weapon security still apply. This means that if you have a holster and with the person
behind you, you may need to think about other options of carry.

Pocket Holster

If you carry concealed it may be a good idea to shop for riding gear that has large pockets or designed for concealment. Where a compact
pistol or revolver can easily be stowed away. If this is the course you want to follow, it is recommended to use a pocket sleeve. The reason
is that a good pocket sleeve must protect trigger from an accidental squeeze. This is especially important if you carry with a round

Inside the waistband

Wastband carry is usually the perfect way to carry a weapon in a hidden way, but not be ideal for motorcycling. For some of us it can get uncomfortable
and for those who ride in just a t-shirt “Printing” can be an issue in some places, If you live where open carry is legal and you are not bothered by
the comfort than you will be good to go. When you use in iwb holster, make sure that it has a high retention on the weapon so you dont have any accidents.

Shoulder holster

Shoulder holsters are good for solo riding and can keep your gun hidden while riding, You still need to keep in mind is the mmuzzle and where it points and
holster retention, You dont want to lose your gun or have an accidental discharge.

If you find a system that works for you than thats great, if you ride a motorcycle, With good common sense and some ideas from above, then you probably
good to go. It is always wise to keep your weapon on yourself and not to put it in a bag or trunk if you have one.

Did you find a technique that works well when you carry a hidden weapon on your motorcycle? Tell us about it in the comments below.