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When it comes to the question regarding what the “Letter to Garcia” says about the unusual emphasis American corporations put on individual initiative — in order to be successful? I would say that American corporations put huge emphasis on the idea that you should always obey your boss and oblige to the necessary rules they have in play. Corporations see this as a means to keep structure within the business as well as everyone being on the same page. In other words, everyone has a role in society and it’s our job to know our part. In corporations whether you like it or not, you will always have a boss, and your boss has a boss and so forth. So you should know if you don’t know your role or do as your told, not only does it look bad on you, but it also looks bad on your boss, and their boss will get on them.

So the idea of not being able to take initiative is extremely selfish to your corporation. Things run smoother when your not asking too many questions in regards to doing tasks. If your boss is teaching you something new, then it makes sense to ask questions so you can grasp it, but when it comes doing as you’re told, then you shouldn’t even think twice about what it is, you should find ways to complete the task and making your boss happy.

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Your boss doesn’t have to be right, in fact you may never agree with him or her, but they hold the key to your future success within the company, in regards to promotions and making your way up. Like the essay said, it is rare to find an employee who is like this, one who obeys commands and takes individual initiative. So the company would do whatever it takes to keep this kind of employee. I think recruiters would want me to respond to this essay, in a way that shows that I understand what is being asked from me if I were to get hired.

They dont always want the showoff know it all who only thinks for him or herself. They want the employee who will work hard without being told, and work hard when no one is looking. Recruiters would want me to understand that in American corporations, when your boss tells you to do something you do it. There is no I in a team, and every successful team needs a leader, so in this case your leader (boss), when he or she has a task for you whether its get coffee or run an errand whatever it may be, the ones that are successful are the ones who take initiative, listen and see that whatever your boss tells you do is always for a good reason.

It is also a good skill to obtain as you move up in in the corporation. I truly believe that high initiative benefits everyone and everything in each type of way. It benefits your boss/clients in that your boss has that trust/bond in which he or he knows that you are not a selfish person and you recognize that your boss has the power to do as he says and doesn’t have to worry about a thing. It makes the boss’s job easier, as well as the organization’s. It impacts clients in that, clients will get products and service much quicker and there will be a necessary structure within the company.

Also, it helps when an employee has high initiative because the employee will go above and beyond for the client and make sure he or she needs are met. The employee will also go above and beyond for the boss and for the organization. Having high initivatie benefits an organization on many different levels. In an organization, when you have employees who take initiative and puts others first, as a boss there is probably nothing more that can make your boss happy other than money. When you think about the company, clients and your fellow employees before yourself, the amount of success that can come with it, is something you wouldn’t see often. It also benefits yourself, because when you have that kind of personality where you can do tasks without being told, it shows you want to be successful within the corporation. As I mentioned earlier, the essay said that you don’t really find this kind of employee who completes tasks without asking questions.

So when you do find one, you try your best to keep him or her, because that employee can instill his or her values into future employees. With this, you hope that these future employees have the same desire to take initiative and do as they are told, because one day you might be in same position as your boss. For me, I feel as if I’ve always been the kind of person to always take initiative. Naturally I am very respectful person who usually does as I am told. I would say that I also have a strong character and don’t like being disrespected, but that goes for a lot of people. Overall, I’ve always kept my cool and kept it professional because I know that goes along way in terms of being able to have that composure and maturity in handling different situations.

I always put others first whether its my family friends, or teammates. I go out of my way to clean the house or the soccer field, or even my workplace. Of course, there is always room for improvement, in terms of understanding that in the corporation the boss has the final say and word. Your job is to complete whatever task is given to you, and take initiative in doing things that benefit the company when no one is watching you.