What stuffed with various challenges and therefore

What is Stress? “Stress is the psychological associate degreed physical state the results once perceives demands exceed an individual’s ability to deal with them. It can respond to this changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Stress is a normal part in a human’s daily life. You can expertise stress from your work environment, your body and your thoughts in any form of stress.

Nursing has been identified as an occupation that has high level of stress and categorised as one of the top demanding job around the world. Over the years, nursing has been thought of one in all the foremost humble and noble occupation in the world. However, it is a field stuffed with various challenges and therefore the variety of nurses full of work related with stress is increasing over the years till now.

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There are several factors that lead to stress among nurses among the world. The statistic shown the range from 30% to 50% of nurses in Singapore are experiencing stress. The first factor is the Shortage of trained/experienced nurses that lead to stress. Over the years, although there have been lots of nurses that either quit or retire, or perhaps for alternative reasons, there are solely some or no replacement of these nurses have however been done.

For an example, Staff who take Medical Certificate (MC) therefore we need deployment from opposite wards. There are times when they are unable to give us replacement of staff, therefore they create the staffs to take additional patients than the expected ratio of patients. We nurses will tend to be more focus on completing our tasks on time which lead to stress too. Due to the shortage of staff ,we nurses tend to fall sick easily because we overworked that cause nurses lack of rests. However when they recruit us with fresh graduated staff to us may need at least 6 months of probation to be a confirm staff in the ward which may need more time to guide them.

Secondly, inadequately prepared to meet the emotional demands of patients and their families is also contributing factor to stress among nurses. There is a lot of pressure due to high expectations and demands put on the nurses. For instance, patients or the family members may demand a lot from nurses and failure to deliver as expected may result to misunderstanding and complains from them. We understand that they want the best for their loved ones. Thirdly is Heavy workload in the ward is also contributing factor to stress among nurses. In most cases, it’s not even the length of the shift, but actually how many patients a nurse might have to deal with at any given time. It’s not uncommon for nurses to have to juggle many tasks at once , which can be very stressful when both physicians and patients are counting on you.

The Conclusion is Nursing will always be a stressful profession. However, the level of stress can be managed better than it currently is. Solutions lie in a combination of institutional, societal, and individual approaches.