Watson carry out of tasks which enable people

Watson (2017, p409) define work as “The carry out of tasks which enable people to make a living within the social and economic context in which they are located”. What Watson is implying is that people need to work to gain monetary benefits which helps them to sustain their living and usually their occupation are based on the economic factors available within their community. But in some situation, example home maker, having more time, they tend to do social work which does not give them monetary benefits but to them, social work may be part of their life and “work” (ref)Whereas non-work is defined as activities that take place with family or in people’s private live (Steyl ; Koekemoer, 2011).

Non-work activities are more classify as leisure and is not part of business obligation. However, there are arguments that for some activities such as company annual dinner and corporate responsibility events; charity events which are organised out of working hours, company has classify them as leisure, but depending on individuals, they may find these activities as obligations being part of their job (ref). In order to evaluate the relationship between work and non-work, it is important that we must first distinguishing their characteristic between the two. Work issues involve financial, obligations, enactment, efficiency, contacts at work and management etc, while non-work issues involves activities that are not receiving any monetary return such as parenting, socialising, leisure etc. (Guest, 2001; Watson, 2012ref).

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