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Using the internet to do research for work, writing an email to inform and contact others, playing mobile devices during the free time and using the cloud technologies in daily life is an indispensable thing for anyone even young kids at anywhere and anytime in the 21 centuries. The Internet has always been a benefit to everybody, people can’t live without the internet but there are many threats that exist on the Internet. Understanding these threats and how to avoid them are the essential. People nowadays don’t usually understand the threats of using the internet and it is a big harm for them to not do any security to prevent hacks, lacking their personal information and virus. Let people take a deeper look into some of the threats issues, and what to do can avoid them is an important issue. The term “threats” is defined as a thing likely to cause damage and the possibility of trouble, danger or ruin or as a potential risk of an asset’s loss of value. It is therefore important for readers to gain insights into this problem that anyone could have a chance of facing in daily life. In this essay, the first aspect that will be discussed is on the threats that users faced on using the internet and writing an email, followed by the threats that might happen for using mobile devices and cloud technologies and finally the strategies might be used to prevent each of them from happening.

Firstly, the threats that users faced in using the internet and writing an email. Everyone uses the internet every day, either using it for entertainment or work and it has become easier to communication and information sharing, but not all people will understand how the threats are form, the cause of threats and the ways to prevent it. Some of the common Internet threats are Virus, it is a malware that is capable of activation and replication without being attached to a computer program, is usually attached to files for downloaded or thumb drives. Adware, it is a sort of malware programming that presentations undesirable promotions when the user is surfing the web. The advertisements frequently divert your inquiries to promoting sites and gather showcasing type information about you, in the face of your good faith, which is viewed as pernicious. Usually incorporated into numerous sharewares or freeware downloads as a real method for producing publicizing incomes that assistance support advancement. In any case, a few sites are tainted with malevolent adware that is consequently downloaded to your computer. When this activity has been finished, Trojans can be utilized. Besides online threats, some user also spend too much of time through the internet, especially students, the effect of addicted in the network might lead students to neglect their studies. Students might do badly due to not focusing in classes. Besides student, If the internet has too many influences, even working adult will likely to neglect some of their important work. According to The Straits Time (2017), study discoveries discharged in February on the effect of advanced gadgets, for example, cell phones, tablets, PCs and computer game consoles on everyone. Gadgets have become a key part of people’s lives in Singapore, as people spend most of their waking hours on digital devices for 12 hours 42 mins a day on average. Representing the most time spent on a contraption in multi-day all things considered is the mobile phone, at 3 hours 12mins. The best device that most people use here is likewise the cell phone, with 95 percent agree with it, and its impact on individuals is telling that very nearly 80 percent of them check their cell phones when getting up toward the beginning of the day or just before going to bed. As for E-mail, it allowed people to communicate with a minimum of time compare to letter, it is usually used for work that request people to send important information to clients in the early 2000, but It is now possible to send an email to someone in any parts of the world through a simple e-mail address and the email is delivered in a matter of seconds. Every company is also using e-mail in business. However, e-mail has pros and cons such as threats. Spam is a very serious and common problem. Most emails are compound into folders. Worms usually enter the computer through malicious email attachments or USB sticks. Once your computer is infected with a worm, it may send itself to every email address recorded on your system. For the recipient, your email will be harmless until they open it and are infected by the same worm. According to Krystle Gillietti(2018), Malware, for example, ransomware and cryptographic money mineworkers ordinarily enter inboxes as connections and can possibly cause significant issues whenever downloaded, however, another type of email attack is on the rise. This often malware-less threat is known as CEO Fraud, or Business Email Compromise (BEC), and it is becoming increasingly popular among today’s attackers. In 2017, the IC3 got 15,690 Business Email Bargain protestations with balanced misfortunes of over $675 million. From the above situation, people have to be more aware of how to prevent different virus to attack from malicious website or emails received. Malware-less attacks are particularly dangerous as they are tougher for both users and email security solutions to detect, due to the absence of any conventional phishing or assault pointers. Therefore, it is necessary to install firewall and anti-virus and have a daily regular check of your computer condition, as for students who couldn’t concentrate on their studies, children may not be mature enough to understand the effect caused on them, there is a need for parents and teachers to ensure that they inculcate the right behavior in children to ensure they use internet wisely and get the right information from internet.

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Secondly, the threats that might happen from using mobile devices and cloud technologies. Everyone uses mobile devices to keep their important things on the phone, it is common for everybody. Actually, everyone are experiencing threats every day, connecting to public wi-fi networks to ensure that they will not exceed the data but connecting to unknown wi-fi might not be safe for the phone as it will leak out of the phone user’s personal information. As for somebody that accidentally lost their phone which might lead to all personal information, photos and important notes gone and the thief will hack into the victim’s app store to change their password. The threats for them to hack into victims account and change their password and chat with the victim’s friend which can leads to cheating their money and there is a possibility for them to call overseas and the victims will have to pay for a large amount of money for unauthorized calls and most importantly nowaways people usually will bind their bank card in their phone for more convenient online shopping or any payment method, the loss of your phone can just lead to the thief using up all your money. For cloud technologies, it is shared pools of configurable computer system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, often over the Internet. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale, similar to a public utility. Be that as it may, there are dangers, for example, information breaks, it may be the essential goal of a focused-on assault or just the consequence of human blunder, application vulnerabilities or poor security rehearses. According to CSA (2018), It may include any sort of data that was not planned for open discharge, including individual wellbeing data, monetary data, by and by identifiable data, exchange insider facts, and licensed innovation. An association’s cloud-based information may have an incentive to various gatherings for various reasons. Besides that, the threats also include insufficient identity, credential, and access management and data loss, as data stored in the cloud can be lost for reasons other than malicious attacks. According to CSA (2018), an incidental erasure by the cloud specialist organization, or a physical fiasco, for example, a fire or seismic tremor, can prompt the lasting loss of client information except if the supplier or cloud buyer takes satisfactory measures to back up information, following prescribed procedures in business congruity and catastrophe recuperation. Therefore, it is a must for everyone to ensure that they have kept their mobiles with them and not to put their information at only one platform, back up at another trustable platform.

Lastly, the strategies which are used to prevent each of the threats from happening while using the internet are to keep your computer updated, keep the operating system, browser and security software up to date to clear worms. Also, always use a secure wireless connection if there is any, try to stop using public wi-fi network to risk yourself lacking out your information and privacy settings, Updating privacy settings on websites and services particularly on social media and search sites such as Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. For the use of email, it is better to check your email regularly during the day as it can be an effective way to keep your inbox at manageable levels and since malware and phishing scams are getting more sophisticated, try not to open emails that look suspicious or unusual, especially if they relate to your email, social media, financial services, or utility accounts. Delete those strange messages. When using your mobile, you have to be careful of the surroundings and online due to the app you downloaded, check if the app is safe which do not contain the virus. For the security of utilizing cloud advancements, attempt to abstain from putting away delicate data in the cloud, in the event that you have a decision you ought to decide on warding off your vital data from the virtual world or utilize proper arrangements. also, read the client assertion unmistakably to discover how the cloud benefit stockpiling functions. In the event that you don’t know what distributed storage to pick or any inquiries concerning how another cloud benefit functions, you can read the client assertion of the administration you are intending to agree to accept. There is no uncertainty it is troublesome and exhausting yet you truly need to confront those content volumes. The report which customarily experiences inadequate consideration may contain fundamental data you are searching for and furthermore, encryption is the best to secure your information as it the most simple and helpful path is to compress documents and scramble them with a secret key.

In conclusion, this essay has covered some of the threats that will be caused when using the internet, email, mobile device and technologies. It is without a doubt that research has shown the different ways that threats will happen from what people are using in their daily life and the strategies to prevent all the threats from happening. It was not possible to cover every people in the country as some poverty country will not experience this problem, but for people who uses technologies daily, all of them has the possibilities to face threats. It cannot be argued that people are usually not very concern about the result of not installing the firewall, anti-virus. users who do not install anti-virus, it is the time for everyone to install the anti-virus to prevent malware attacks. Last but not least, a viable recommendation for everyone to install anti-virus software such as Norton and McAfee, this two are listed as the top best antivirus software in 2018 as the loss of your important data is difficult to retrieve and you might not know what your loss data is used for.