Unit 1 2

Unit 1
2.4Outdoor risk assessment
What are the HAZARDS? Who might be harmed & how? (RISK) What are you already doing? (EXISTNG CONTROL MEASURES) What further action is necessary? (FURTHER CONTROL MEASURES) Action by Whom? Done
Concrete Children can trip or fall and cause serious or minor injuries to themselves. Ensuring all surfaces outside are even. Ensure the upkeep of the outdoor area is always maintained. Myself (Siobhan) completed
Rain water Children can swallow this water and become sick. Cleaning of all outdoor toys also eliminate build up or rainwater in toys but ensuring they have been emptied after rainfall. Not applicable Myself (Siobhan) completed
Animal faeces Children can ingest and become very sick, also can become blind if rubbed in their eyes. Removal of any animal faeces if found. Have a check of the outdoors area each morning before any child plays outside. Not applicable Myself (Siobhan) completed
Insect bites Children could have an anaphylactic shock. Being aware of children allergies and making sure medical records of children are kept up to date. Ensuring child’s medical records are kept up to date. Myself (Siobhan) completed
Weather Children can get heatstroke or become dehydration or sunburnt in the heat. In the cold children can become very ill could contract phenomena or chest infections. Sun cream, plenty of fluids and hats in heat/coats hats scarfs and gloves and suitable footwear in cold. Ensure sun cream is in date and correct factor is being applied. Keep stock of spare sun hats coats and scarfs. Myself (Siobhan) completed
Outdoor equipment Children could harm themselves if the equipment isn’t up to safety standards. Ensuring all equipment meets safety standards. Check for any equipment that is broken or dangerous i.e. screws missing, snapped plastic (child could cut themselves on). Not applicable Completed (myself) Completed
Sand Children could swallow the sand and begin to choke if stuck in airways. Children could also cause themselves eye irritation if rubbed or thrown in their eyes. Children have a good understanding of safety whilst playing with sand. Ensure children are being monitored whilst playing with the sand. Fences and gates. Children could climb over a fence or run out of an open gate. Also ensure the children have privacy in the garden they are playing in to ensure correct safeguarding is met. Ensure all gates are kept locked and children do not have access to the locks on the gates. Ensure the fencing surrounding the garden is efficient enough to keep the children safe and to keep the children’s privacy safe. Ensure back gates are locked safe and secure before children play outside. Completed (myself) Completed