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Date 16/08/2018 Assessors comments Assessment Assessors Signature (optional) Dated Do smartphones promote social connectivity or isolation The internet is everywhere and wherever you go you will find someone using the internet. Social media is one of the reason for world Many problems and solution. people in the world use their internet so they can get meet other people. People from different age group use their mobile devices whether its at office, school or at home. you cant get over with social networking life, especially the teenagers cant get enough with smartphones because they are used to it. Over the few years, there has been a massive change in Teenagers life not only in a few countries but all over the world because of social networking and smartphones. They spent most of their times on social medias than in real life. So this essay is about Do smartphones promote social connectivity or isolationSo the smartphones are worthy to buy it We going to find out in this essay. There are many positive outcomes from the Smartphones or social media andAccording to the article 1online social networks can help teenagers to fight against social anxiety and depression. Social networking has many benefits that you can get connect with worldwide people, meet new and old friends online. Even though if u have lost the touch with your friendsocial networking will helps people to get back into the networks communication methods can actually help some people connect better and easier. social networkingcan increase well-being such asposting on online. social networks can help upset people feel better. Not only that you can buy stuff while staying at home. According to article 1, They have done some kind of survey and the result showed that writing to someone who might respond helped people heal their negative feelings. So social networks also give you a chance to put yourself into the positive sides of the life. It also depends on people how they are using the social networking because if there is a positive outcome which also means there is going to be some negative outcomes. Social networking doesnt always have positives outcomes they also have negatives outcomes. Cyberbullying are also the leading cause of negative outcomes for this generation which this lead them too depressing, anxiety and suicidal attempts and many of them have also taken their life.mostly smartphones like iPhone, Samsung got to introduce from about 2010 since than teenagers have brought them and got addicted to the internet. more than 70 percent of teenagers have access to the smartphones according to this article those people who were born after 1995 is much more likely to experience mental health issues. Researchers have found out that the more time you spend on social media which led to more unhappiness. Students also have bad impacts on their academic because they waste their most of the time using phones and not concentrating. smartphones and social networking have more positive things than negative things but we have to know the limits. There have been massive positives upgrades in education sectors because of smartphones and internet technology. now students life has been easier than before because they can access through any useful academic information. For example, we can submit our assignment from any part of the city just because of internet/smartphones. So our essay question was Do smartphones promote social connectivity or isolation Many people have found benefits from it. Health area, educations areas, business, and the country has been improved because of the use of the internet and smartphones. There are lots of advantages of smartphone and social networkings. So its easy to say that smartphones do promote social connectivity. There are more positive things than negative. References The conversation 2018, Online social networks can help fight social anxiety, University of South Carolina, Viewed 5 August 2018, https// The conversation 2017, With teen mental health deteriorating over five years, theres a likely culprit, San Diego State University, Viewed 5 August 2018, https// Unit code and title Assignment Your name Page PAGE 2 of NUMPAGES 4 Pre-degree Programs Assignment Cover Sheet VoiKJUsK1,KykIu5p IEz6yh7QI_ 67Gl q 0chJ2WIZJV4WVHMq [email protected] Z1iq,PHqfd4 OkI.w.kolloKyed8dSxrsi-dGkHc9 9ff9pQ ruehJLL7O_.o3_.k_P1 RE8fi-5_I7nV2hQ-wgouK8u _Mk_ 5ehel.KK/ 75iNQ //W5_v9Zi(XC4n6 ,2AVcq3mywZvisx,6lLUPsjwZcK4qj7gs nW3wQwE29XRXvD 19yuUK6WZ4Cq9F/r,K/3amtadNR85MyAmyyYixI2)pRnyrFKOqegBFdDXnM7
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