Training training and development become a important part

Training and development that is playing an important roles in Human Resource department in any type of business organization. All of the company will have a training to their employee that is because can let employee increase work productivity and let employee have a better skill to serve and well performs in their job and this is why company will give their employee a small training programme periodly. Training is the attempt by an organization to change employees through the learning process so that they are able to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. Development is any learning activity which is directed towards future, needs rather than present needs and which is concerned more with career growth than immediate performance. C-trip is a travel agency and it include multiple component nature of the visitor experience so training and development become a important part that creates a visitor memory due to how well that employee perform themselves. In C-trip company, the company also have their training programme which is to guide each department to familiar the operation of each department.

In C-trip company they can working well and know each other is because all of the employee is be train and well understand the operation and work flow inside. Example c-trip is a leading provider of accommodation reservation, selling ticket, package tour and corporate travel management and other travel related service in many country so employee that had be train and should know all of the department what had inside so while employee can answer the question fluent such as what package tour that had selling, what is the price of the hotel and so on. While in training employee had be inform that what is c-trip about, management will introduce the background and start to explain all of the information about c-trip. Employee that will guide to each department for training and familiar about the operation in the company, all of the department that will taking around 2-3 months for employee familiar all of the operation and work flow example the basic computer skill, how to answering a telephone, customer service, team building and so on (Dr.

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Shalini Garg). Training is actually important because c-trip company entrepreneurs may overestimate the quality of service that they provide(Reichel, Towergart& Ady, 2000). Lastly c-trip is the largest consolidator and other accommodations and it also the largest transportation ticket booking platform so training programme is important for all the employee that will representing the image of company.In training and development process that C-trip company also got provide a training programme which is self assessment programme for employee to increase employee’s confident and well know about themself better through this training. Bambrough (1996) that had mentioned that training and development or learning increase then more money and time will be sent in this area so it can improve employee on all side. Programme that providing by company that employee are grappling with how to communicate and interact and also how to work with teams, how to develop leaders, how to alleviate individual skill gaps and so on. Buckley; Caple that also had mentioned that training is playing an important role in assist an organization to achieve corporate objectives.

Self assessment programme that also can develop employees skills their ability and employee performance and also can improve product quality and quantity on organization levels and this programme also can maintain a high performance as possible while performing on their job. Self assessment programme also can improve their performance in the job and achieve the target, the most important that c-trip company provide training programme is to improve professional or further educational qualifications by knowledge, skills and attitude so that will bring a lot of advantage for the organization which is increase range of competency of employee which enable company have a flexible workforce. Nowadays that company had facing a lot of strong competitor so employee skill is important than ever to grow and sustain a competitive advantage. In a nutshell, manager also playing an important role that lead company to more efficient and more brightest way so manager also will be send to training programme in every 4 to 5 month in a year. Manager is the top leadership of a company so the knowledge that a manager should have must wide and able to solve any question that come by employee, c-trip industry is a company that collection of selling the goods and services for visitor so the most newly and latest information should be know by manager throw training process so it will satisfy what customer need and want so that can increase sales that had be mentioned by (Minnesota Extension Service, 1991). manager that attend on the training programme is the most effective ways to improve manager skill increase company productivity and also changing corporate culture. Manager training programme that include a deep knowledge of the business that means as a manager should understanding of the business or organization and it will be the grain assets.

The training process also had include innovative thinking, a passion for continuous learning, embrace efficiency and so on, as a success manager in bussiness which is know something that nobody else knows and always improve itself and take sometime for doing a research. ( Aristotle Onassis). Lastly training and development that brings general advantage for company which is increased job satisfaction and helping employee do their current jobs; development which can helps the individual handle future responsibilities. Training and development also had it disadvantage which is often take employee away from their job for varying periods of time and waste lot of money on training process. In the conclusion training and development is a necessity for both the trainer and the trainee.