Throughout from different centuries, see religion as

Throughout the course of humanity, many religions were established. At times, people believed in religion more than anything else. In the essay, “The Lowest Animal,” Mark Twain, an American writer from 18th-19th century, pokes fun at many conflicts of humanity, in general. But Voltaire, a French Enlightenment writer from 16th-17th century, directly points out the conflicts of specific people or group in his book, Candide. Voltaire shows his critiques through a character’s encounter throughout the entire book. In common, both of these authors from different centuries, see religion as something negative. Through the use of satire, Voltaire and Twain view actions taken by religious people or organizations to be hypocritical.
In the essay, “The Lowest Animal” Twain communicates the idea that religions can cause many conflicts between people in society. Throughout Twain’s essay, he expresses his opinions as a scientist who supposedly performs “experiments” on humans and animals at the London Zoological Gardens. In Twain’s so-called “experiments,” he wants to determine whether humans or animals are the “lowest animal.” He points out different types of human and animal actions and behaviors. In his essay, he proves that human beings are cruel and that they are the “lowest animal” on Earth whereas animals