Through different stakeholders. 1.1 Introduction to the

Through this chapter can understand the background of the company, introduction to the study and clear understand the setting of the research and building up the objectives of the research, while providing a value of the research for the different stakeholders.
1.1 Introduction to the company

hSenid Business Solutions is a HR solution providing company which is operating from Sri Lanka, Singapore, Africa, India and Australia,. It was started in 1997 with the purpose of supplying high quality software products and services to its customers worldwide. HBS is the company specialize in human resource applications for the enterprise and cloud market. hSenid is also widely recognized for its reliable offshore/outsourcing capabilities and competencies. Currently we are serving our service above 400,000 users globally across 18 industries in 30+ countries. hSenid cover a wide range of HR needs with core HR modules, industrial relation modules, reporting and assessing modules and strategic HR modules. The aim of the company is being dynamic and benchmark the company as a best HR solution provider.
Background and Purpose
Assessing the impact of the customer complaint behavior to the organization is the purpose of the study. The impact will evaluated through the customer complaints, interview questions of the employees. This research provide significant approach to get clear understanding about the significant impact on the company due to the customer complaint behavior.
Consider about the significance customer is the only reason for any organization to survive. Effective customer complaints handling caused to leading organization strives for create a strong brand image of the company. From this research can identify what kind of factors affect to the increase number of customer complaints and the future impact to the organization.
This research will be conducted considering the perspective of top revenue generating local customers.

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Problem Statement

The researcher’s company is the one of leading company in the software development industry. Most of the customer jobs are depended on the past experience had with the HBS. After analyzing the customer complaints it was find out there is a significant impact to the organization. HBS is currently looked with issues as far as losing top revenue generating customers, loss of the global market share compared to the previous percentage, less number of new leads has negatively impact to the organization.
Thus, based on this framework, the acute research question of the study is accomplished as “Assessing the impact of the increase the number of customer complaints in the hSenid Business Solutions”.

? Assessing the impact of the increase number of customer complaints to the organization
? To identify the factors which affecting the increase number of customer complaints in hSenid Business Solutions.