Threat Technology has advanced at an astonishing

Threat Horizon 2020
Modernization of technology is directly proportional to the security threats therefore, self- evolving processes must be incorporated to protect an organization’s most critical assets. In this pretext the International Security Forum has released “Threat Horizon 2020” ( which focuses on particularly difficult / different cyber security challenges which are relevant to higher echelons and other stake holders of an organization. The three key themes in the latest report include:
• Conflict Looms: Nations and terrorist groups will increasingly weaponize the cyber domain, launching attacks on critical national infrastructure that cause widespread destruction and chaos.
• Technology Outpaces Controls: Technology has advanced at an astonishing rate in the last decade and the pace is only set to accelerate. Capabilities that seemed impossible only a short time ago will develop extremely quickly, aiding those who see them coming and hindering those who don’t. Advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence will open new horizons for organizations but at the same time also create opportunities for attackers and adversaries by reducing the effectiveness of existing controls. Previously well-protected information will become vulnerable.
• Pressure Skews Judgements: Existing controls and methods of managing information risk will be put under severe stress by an avalanche of new technologies, regulations and pressures on employees. Organizations that have a good record of securing information will be at risk of complacency, judging that the way they have always done things will continue to work in the future.

Crypto Currency in Cyber Space
Crypto currencies are not new to cyber space, for years they have been a ransom of choice for the hackers. Apart from cyber criminal activities, crypto currencies have also been associated with other illegal activities such as funding terrorists and promoting illegal trade and by the same time these currencies are chosen method of payment in the Dark Market. In addition, these currencies are now becoming a major source of money laundering, the owner / user of cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin etc) can also become a victim of hacking for which some good security practices like “Two Step Authentication” and “No To Unknown Sender” may be adopted.
On the other side the global cryptocurrency market has gained a record worth of US $ 700 billion in 2018. These currencies can be used to purchase goods and services online.

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Impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Cyber Security
The multi-threaded digital environment accompanied with heavy volume of data to be utilized for defending the cyber space, cannot be handled by humans without automation. Traditional algorithms and vintage encryption techniques will not provide effective defense against the dynamically evolving threat. This situation can be handled by applying methods of artificial intelligence that provide flexibility and learning capability to software. (AI in Cyber Space by Enn Tyugu Tallin University of Technology).
Data Analytics play an important role in all kinds of application, such as detection and recovery from attack and ascertaining the damage. Ever growing security relevant data (i.e. Big Data) and the complexity of cyber attacks have made it extremely important that IT security analysts have high performance analysis tools. The extraction of usable information and security intelligence from data is the key enabler in achieving business objectives.
The next generation cyber security products will increasingly be integrating artificial intelligence to help automate the threat detection and response. Artificial Intelligence will be acting as a helper application for cyber security tools. However, to remain abreast with latest evolving threats, continued machine learning process has to be incorporated for safe guarding critical infrastructure. Intelligent machines and weapons can also come under a cyber attack hence they may result in attacking own people.

Govt departments and private enterprises having talented and dedicated resources of cybersecurity will suffer from cybersecurity compromises in future, and organizations which do not have such paraphernalia face even greater threats. The path towards professionalism in the field of cyber security is very difficult, but activities by the federal government and other state entities to professionalize cybersecurity are required to be undertaken for reducing the threat spectrum. The cyber security work force is an expensive resource globally therefore by having a shared national framework, coordinated strategies and tactics, optimum utilization of available resources can be achieved, whereas AI powered cyber security is the dire need of time.