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This thesis consists of seven chapters. Chapter 1 is basically the first part of the report that allows the readers to get a general idea of what the FYP report is about. Research problems/ issues are introduced, and the importance and validity of research are indicated in this chapter.

Chapter 1 are mainly discusses about the research background, problem statement, research objectives, research question, and research significance and hypotheses of research of the hotel industry. Then, Chapter 2 includes the reviews of the literature related to the topic of the research. The selected literature must be analyze and synthesize logically. Basis of the development framework for the research are usually formed by the analysis of literature. Besides, relevant theory of the study will also be discussed by referring to the past studies. Moreover, the theoretical or conceptual framework must be comprised in this chapter.

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Hypotheses will be developed. In chapter 3, the types of techniques and methods used are determined. For instance, they are sampling size, populations, variables and measurements, data collection types and methods, and data analysis techniques. All these methods and techniques used must be explained and justified. There were two main elements discussed in chapter 4which are the analysis results attained and the interpretation of the results.

These results are obtained from surveys/ pilot tests. Before showing the tables/ diagrams the interpretation of result in text must be presented. Lastly, Chapter 5 will features the finding of the study upon which a conclusion meets the objectives set.

Furthermore, the overall of the study will be concluded in this chapter.