This paper describes the design and development

This paper describes the design and development of a futuristic smart mirror that represents an unobrusive interface for the ambient home environment. for example, a face recognition based authentication is used to automatically identify the user facing the mirror and provide widget-bases interface to access data feeds and other services.The smart mirrors, which continue to work in our reputation and will take place in future technology, provide users with both mirror and computer-assisted information services in their products. Thanks to the micro controller cards on the Internet, these systems can be connected to the Web, and the information in certain locations on the mirror may transmit this data. In the smart mirror system performed in the working scope, using the Raspberry Pi 3 micro controller card, the weather, time and location information taken from the Web services, the event calendar information of the user, the phone rings Information and camera image. Some enhancements can be controlled via the microphone in the smart mirror, with the help of the voice commands. procedure and tools that exaggerate the beliefs of DevOps.