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This case study examines the legal and ethical considerations,focussing on the four main Ethical Principles in relation to a patient suffering from massive stroke and how each of these apply to Kevin,Bronwyn and the Nurse in this case scenario.The following discussion involves a family conference where the nurse discusses about options in moving Dawn forward as she is not improving.The ethical principles relevant to Dawns care will be analysed and compared to using research based evidence.The principles commonly used is healthcare ethics which includes of justice,autonomy,non maleficence and beneficence providing with as an additional foundation and tools to use in making ethical decisions.(Jim Summers,Principles of Healthcare Ethics,chapter 2,pg 47)
To begin with,the first principle is beneficence which simply means to have compassion,take positive actions to help others and follow through on the desire to do good.The other principle which I would discuss in this paragraph is non maleficence which defines as remaining competent in the field and reporting any suspected abuse.In the case of Dawn,two main differing views have been detected which is firstly the principle of non maleficence(as interrupted from the relatives view) and beneficence as interrupted from the nurses view are conflicting,and the persons concerned interpret the principle of autonomy differently.Both points are addressed in order accordingly.These principles apply to Kevin as he does not respect the principle of non maleficence.This is shown when he gets frustrated and blames the medical practitioners for not doing their job properly whilst nurse explains to him and Brownyn about the options in moving Dawn forward.Kevin does respect the principle of beneficence as he wants his partner to get better as quicker as possible.This is shown when nurse provides them with an opportunity of arranging a completely different independent doctor who hadn’t been in Dawns care before.Therefore he accepts this opportunity being offered to them.Moving on to Brownwyn,she respects both the principle of beneficence and non maleficence as she listens to what the nurse discusses during family heated discussion inorder to bring her mum forward,she also tries to comfort her dad by trying to explain to him to take things easy through listening to what nurse says and they would find some better options in providing good care to Dawn.These mentioned principles relate to nurse as she respects both of the principles.During the heated family discussion,nurse tries to comfort Dawns family by letting them know that she would try to keep Dawn as comfortable as pain free as possible.She promotes the principle of beneficence by providing Kevin and Brownwyn with an opportunity of utilising their choice of own doctor and hospital.She also told Dawns family that she would organise this for them if they would agree to.

Furthermore,the principle of autonomy is defined as respecting patients wishes even when you do not agree with them.This principle applies to Kevin and Brownwyn as it is shown when they had been given an opportunity by the nurse to arrange a different doctor and hospital of his and Brownwyns choice.They both have respected the principle of autonomy by appreciating this given opportunity through accepting it and asks the nurse to arrange for them.In this case,the nurse had also respected this principle by taking the patients views into consideration ,this shows when she arranges for an independent doctor as asked by Kevin and Brownwyn.

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Moreover,principle of Justice is best defined as treating all patients fairly and equally.This principle applies to the nurse which is shown when she had organised a completely independent doctor as requested by Kevin and Brownwyn.She did her very best to make sure Dawn would move forward by having a heated family discussion to discuss the options in providing good care to Dawn.