There’s 6 easy tips to evaluate a digital

There’s 6 easy tips to evaluate a digital marketing promotional campaign 1. Sustainable goal: a sustainable goal help us determine if it benefit the business and society, while expanding businesses opportunities, also if it make a meaningful impact on a target market and society and if it is definable and measureable. 2. Engage: the first 10 seconds of a digital campaign are really important to attract and maintain interest in your target markets, also is important to engage with the correct target and to transmit a clear message and make them to remember 3.

relationship: interact and shared dialogue with the company, makes successful social media relationship. A relationship requires openness, trust, transparency and vulnerability to grow to become sustainable with ongoing interactions. 4. Value: The value component of a social message is crucial to moving a user/viewer to adoption or action. The value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and a belief from the customer of value that will be experienced. 5.

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Action: here is where we see the results, In a digital campaign, results bring forth a much more expanded meaning including social sharing/advocacy, social referrals, downloads, reviews and social mentions 6. Synergy: Synergy is the key ingredient in leveraging social media to generate a viral campaign. Many companies add a social media tool to their marketing package without leveraging its power or integrating it with their existing campaign.