There continually telling the other partner that they

There are those who have been convinced that abuse is only physical, or that it has to be repeated or cause physical injury to count as abuse. These are all lies that hold people back from seeking help. Abuse can be verbal.

If a partner or spouse is continually telling the other partner that they are no good, or that no one would ever love them or even that they are lucky to be loved — that is abuse. If someone is withholding food, water, shelter, etc. that is abuse.

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Abuse is more than just being beaten, and the wounds go far deeper than those that we are capable of seeing. Raising awareness means offering someone the knowledge that the relationship that they are currently in is not a healthy one, and they have the right to leave. One way we may help to combat Domestic Violence is by spreading awareness I designed pamphlets and handed them to advisory’s.

I had to conduct additional research to design my poster regarding the issue.