There a large city. City life and rural

There are certain advantages of living in a large city. City life and rural life are like sides of a coin, so when it comes to choosing between the two it requires you to consider the pros and cons of both environments.

Each city has its unique qualities that makes each city distinguishable. And each person has their own preferences about where to live. In my opinion, living in a large city has advantages over living in a small town, such as: public transport, entertainment and employment opportunities.A large metropolitan city has its most obvious advantage: public transportation. A majority of large cities have convenient transportation which can be illustrated by New York, where the subway runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and there are cabs and buses at your disposal. Plus, the transportation system is always clean, affordable, safe and fast.

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For those who are misfortunate, who can only rely on the public transportation system, an efficient system such as the one in New York makes it very easy for them to find work opportunities far from their homes and also gives them a accesses to a greater education, recreation and healthcare. In addition to great public transport, large, metropolitan cites offer a large amount of recreational activities. Many small towns do not have a wide variety like large cities do. Whereas there is a countless amount of cultural and entertainment actives, such as cinemas, theaters, museums, and concerts in a large city such as Seoul.

These activities not only offer people a place to unwind after working in such a busy city, but also allow a place to expand the mind and provide a place to learn, which is exceptional for children who are willing to visit museums during their spare time.Finally, a major reason why I prefer an urban is the higher employment rate. On one hand, there are a lot of headquarters for large companies in major cities as wells as factories, so the average employee in an urban city is a step higher than they would have been in a smaller city. And it’s more likely to find a job that specifically matches your skill set. On the other hand, it has been shown that people in urban areas are more likely to have a bachelor’s degree or higher, which leads to higher employment and better pay.

By taking all of the pros of living in an urban area into consideration, small towns cannot be compared with large cities when it comes to issues like, public transport, job opportunities, and entertainment. Although small towns can be peaceful and tranquil, if a person prefers a fast-pace and nonstop like, large, major cities are their best choice.