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The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet was solely lived from the hasty decisions the young couple made. The fast and hasty decisions made by Romeo and Juliet unfolded a serious of events that fulfilled their needs for that particular moment but created outcomes that leaded to tragic endings. One of the most important hasty decision Romeo made was assuring himself that he had fallen in love with Juliet, the instance he saw her. Romeo was in love with Rosaline just a few hours before meeting Juliet at the Capulet’s dance. Of course, he was overblown by Juliet’s beauty and realizing that his friend was right about there being many beautiful girls not only the ones in his surroundings. His agreeing about breaking to the party was also reckless enough to cause all the uproar and the story.

Juliet hasty decisions about marrying Romeo after a few days of getting to know each other, was another cause of the tragic ending. Juliet was very young and naïve not knowing any better only that Romeo was an enemy because of the family that he belong to. Her love for him was so firm that she decided to let Romeo know and accepted to marry him. They married after know each other for a few days, not thinking wisely but knowing that it would cause a war between the family and Verona the town. They knew and kept it quiet until Juliet’s father wanted her to marry Paris. Lord Capulet was in rage after learning that his daughter had married Romeo; therefore wanted them dead.

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Many other thoughtless hasty decisions contributed to the events arising in Romeo and Juliet’s love story. Romeo’s mainly abruptly and impulsive decisions lead to tragic events that caused deaths including his tragic death. His impatience and thoughtless actions prevented him to learn that Juliet’s had been given a dosage of potion to sleep for a day know that she would wake up and maybe her father’s demands would weaken. Juliet unable to cope with Romeo death not thinking wisely killed herself.