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The style of writing of the two individual authors donned were almost bipolar in nature. Bradford exercised his cut-to-the-chase style by using a very plain and direct style of writing which is reminiscent of his Puritan faith. This style is very common throughout Puritan writing and contains barely any literary devices, which Bradford follows suit by using only 1 allusion in his entire document. On the other hand, Byrd utilized the entire arsenal of literary devices and witty jokes, which provided a certain flair and air to his work. Byrd’s style of penmanship is best represented in this quote from page 52, “These found the First Adventurers in a very starving condition, but relieved their wants with the fresh Supply they brought with them. From Kiquotan they extended themselves as far as James-Town, where like true Englishmen, they built a Church that cost no more than Fifty Pounds, and a Tavern that cost Five hundred.

” In this quote, all the elements of Byrd’s writing is apparent, which is his descriptiveness, usage of literary devices, and usage of jokes and mockery. The tones used are best described as polar opposites. Bradford uses a straightforward, informational, and spiritually sympathetic tone which establishes and support his headstrong style. We can see Bradford use this style throughout the entire document

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