The and forth between these two settings, starting

The speaker is really trying to reinforce the masked identity taken for granted by the motion picture industryThe poem jolts back and forth between these two settings, starting at the drive-ins and switching to end with the movie. In the movie, John Wayne is fighting for the white men against the Indians for land. We watch through the poem that John is the hero of the movie fighting for the white race.

The poem is heavy on figurative language helping us really sense the subtle emotion heard throughout. In Chrystos’s poem, “Today Was a Bad Day like TB”, it carries less figurative language but still focuses on the issue of the disrespect of whites on Native Americans. However, this poem tells of whites disrespecting the culture by clapping at a sacred dance and a hipster boy smoking a traditional pipe. It also mentions a man cheerfully wearing a backpack with sacred design which makes the speaker want to beat him up. Altogether, both poems focus on the ignorance of the way Whites respond to Native American culture.

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