The rope attached to its neck. So, the

The short story “The Dark Brown Dog” by Stephen Crane is not what you think it is. It may seem like it is about a dog but the back background of the story is life changing. Not everything is at perfect as it seems. The original story is about a little dog and a boy.

The little boy was playing with some friends and then notices the little dog walking alone with a rope attached to its neck. So, the little boy asks his family if they could keep the puppy. They decided it was okay to keep the dog.

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While walking home, the boy started to beat the dog. Then, while he was at school the family would mistreat the dark, brown, dog. The little boy’s family was a bit crazy. His father was an angry alcoholic.

He would take out his anger by throwing thing and more but, now that there is a precious puppy in the house he has a new target. The dog was taken care of poorly. It was beat, misfeed, kicked, thrown, and more.

These punishments fall in to something I know about. All of this resembles slavery. The dog can’t have any fun and gets punished or beat for the littlest things or nothing at all. The sad thing is, the neighbors and everyone knew that the dog was being mistreated but didn’t do anything about it. People always put on a show around other people. They act all nice but as soon as those people leave, they go back to their same old ways.