The improving the writing of struggling students.

The Self-Regulated Strategy Development Model (SRSD) is used to teach strategies for planning, revising, and managing the writing processes. The SRSD was designed to explicitly teach the writing processes in conjunction with procedures for regulating the use of these strategies as well as regulating any undesirable behaviors that might impede a student’s writing development.

Self-regulated strategy development (SRSD) is an explicit, structured approach for teaching writing and strives to help students develop knowledge of writing and the strategies involved in the writing process, to support students in the ongoing development of the abilities needed to monitor and manage their writing, and to promote students’ development of positive attitude about writing and about themselves as writers. Besides, SRSD combines explicit instruction of writing strategies with instruction in self-regulatory skills; self-regulation being the self-generated thoughts, feelings and actions that individuals use to help themselves attain personal goals. According to the previously mentioned studies, Self-Regulated Strategy Development has been highly effective in improving the writing of struggling students. All of the participants in the studies presented in this review showed improvement in their writing as a result of instruction in SRSD. The Self-Regulated Strategy Development instructional model emphasizes the use of cognitive strategies as a base for the writing process. It teaches the students to think through the process while writing. It also provides the students with mnemonics to help them remember the necessary components of a particular genre of writing.

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Furthermore, SRSD is a proven strategy that is effective in improving the writing in students with learning disabilities as well as regular learners as it gives an explicit, structured approach to teaching writing and give students struggling with writing the structure and direction they need to acquire writing strategies. It is the solid foundation of Self-Regulated Strategy Development as well as the many successes achieved through the use of the instructional model that has led to this present study.