The smoking, with wording aiming to recruit both

The research design that will be used in our research would be a qualitative design. Qualitative interview with smokers’ groups and semi-structured face-to-face interviews were conducted with continuing smokers and smokers who have quit. Our research design is mainly focused on an interview survey, with one grand question that will be followed by an open-ended question. The researchers find it best to do this type of research design for it would attract more answers and better results for our study. Participants will be recruited from Tubod, Lanao del Norte and Pagadian City Recruitment will be aimed to continue until theoretical saturation will be reached, i.

e. no new meaningful data were being obtained. Advertising posters inviting smokers to discuss their opinions about smoking, with wording aiming to recruit both ‘happy’ smokers and those ‘wanting to quit’, were placed in community centres, public houses, libraries, supermarkets, and post offices. A snowballing approach will also be used to support recruitment.

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