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The McDonalds corporation, originating from Chicago, USA has grown to be a worldwide leader in the fast food industry, there are currently over 36,000 restaurants in 119 countries worldwide. The first McDonald’s restaurant was owned and operated by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. In a visit from Ray Kroc in 1954 he was so impressed with the store that he shared his vision of spreading McDonalds restaurants all over America. 17 years later the first McDonalds opened in Australia in 1971 which has now grown to over 900 individual stores. Eighty percent of these stores are operated by individual men and women opposed to being company run. During this time Australia has become one of the most profitable and innovative countries that McDonalds operates in. Examples of Australian innovation include the launch of “McCafe” and nutritional labelling which has now been spread to other McDonalds organisations throughout the world.