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The main key point of how political factor has affected siemens is the affect country legislations and standards they must abide by which can limit their supply by regulating certain aspects of components by the legislation within that country. thus, meaning less free movement on designing of component due to the nature of standards and legislation implied within a country to be followed.

For example, with the head office being in Germany the company is administrated to German law and standards being DIN and European corporate law and their standards of ISO which is applied when manufacturing components which is briefly described in the technological factor. an example for the U.K that the company would have to abide by a legislation to that market for instance is the Trades Description Act which expresses that an organisation cannot erroneously publicize any of its items or services which means no falsehood of advertising components or items or any of their services they have to a glance Siemens has been affected in the U.K due to certain law which has affected their operations, such as consumer protection Acts that empower the customer to have certain rights on the off chance that they are provided with defective or harmed merchandise. this area wouldAs Siemens are a global company they will be liable to the fiscal policies utilized by governments inside numerous nations, moreover when items are being sold globally there will be import and export controls that will alter the organizations financial aspect, for example the import and export tax that must be paid and fees for certain goods. the supply has also been affected at this stage due to the fact that some countries would have more stern import and export legislations to abide by compared to other countries having more leniency laws when it comes to import and export thus affected supply due to restrains of certain countries which have emplaced these lawsanother political factor that can affect Siemens is in the weapons industry.

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an area such as the government prohibition of preventing manufacturing, developing and distribution of weapons under a government export control policy which can affect the supply of the company since the supply has been withstrained with these policies to hold siemens at bay within the supplying of weapons to be used in military applications at war. thus, meaning during war Siemens supply would decrease due to less distribution and tight policies to be followed which constrains aspects of manufacturing thus decreasing supply.