The spirit. They traded rocks, jewelry and

The Kiowa tribe lived in Oklahoma. Kiowa women wore long deerskin dresses with yellow and green tribal designs. Kiowa men wore leather leggings and usually went shirtless. They also used straw sticks and pipes for music. The men hunted and the women knitted and helped with the teepees. The children got pails of water.

Kiowa lived in large buffalo hide tents called teepees. They used straw, sticks and pipes to build their environment. They made weapons with rocks, sticks and buffalo parts. They mostly live in teepees held together with ropes. They eat buffalo but it is possible for them to eat bird and rabbit.

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They used materials such as rock, pipes, bones and sticks to build their weapons. They believe that all living things have a spirit. They traded rocks, jewelry and other pretty things. When they find something new off of a buffalo to use for their strategies, they celebrate.

They might have spoken English because they are Native Americans and English was the first language to be spoken. The Kiowa group are friends with the Comache tribe. Horses made life easier allowing the Kiowa group and other plains people to hunt and kill buffalo more efficiently than they could on foot. By the 1700s the Kiowa had roamed as far as the Black Hills of South Dakota. The tiny tribe formed a close alliance with the large and powerful crow nation.