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The influence the Greece had on Rome was extensive. A prime example of this is how the Romans set up their government, they borrowed and expanded the concept of democracy that was first introduced by the Greeks. Another similarity was that both economies were based on agriculture. Although the Romans primarily use Latin as their language, Greek became a second language that was taught to young children.

This led to Greek being the language of the educated and used in official document and government assemblies. In addition, Julius Caesar was renown to have trained his legions in the Spartan manner. During the infancy of the Roman Empire the Greeks facilitated protection of the Empire.

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Even, Spartan soldiers were called upon to assist Roman legions in their battles against the Parthian Empire.Today the Greeks and Italians still point out the similarities between their cultures. The mythology though the names are different, and Gods reside on Mount Olympus, are virtually the same. However, the influence did not halt there, if a Roman Patrician wished to have the highest levels of education, they looked to schools in Greece. The influence Greece had continued, in architecture many great Roman buildings resemble the building of ancient Greece by adapting the same marble craving techniques. Though, these styles were embraced by Rome they incorporated the arch and the usage of concrete as building material, which separated them. Furthermore, Greek women were not a part of society as in the Roman culture, they were the center of social pyramid.

Even though both economies were based on agriculture the Grecian were self-sufficient farmer, in contrast to the Romans that imported and traded. Both Empires began as city states. However, Greece was surrounded by mountains and a coastline, this was why they could not maintain control of the surrounding areas. Rome was at the geographic center of the Italian peninsula; therefore, it was easier for Rome to unify the lands and people surrounding. Even though Rome conquered Greece, the culture of the Grecian empire is viewed to be the greatest culture, worthy of imitation.