The has a state of Maryland residency and

The individual that I have chosen for the informational interview is Eular Murray Gibbs.Her job title is: LCSW-C, which means she is a Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical. She is a regional director with Safe Harbor Christian Counseling and owner of Safe Harbor Christian Counseling of Cecil County, MD and Safe Harbor Christian Counseling of Atlanta Metro, GA.

Ms. Gibbs has A Master’s degree in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, TX, and a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Education and Psychology from South Carolina State University.Ms. Gibbs has over 30 years’ experience developing counseling programs for and delivering services to the Partnerships for Children and Families, District of Columbia Public School System, Cecil County (MD) Healthy Marriage Initive, Alexandria (VA) Division of Social Services, and several faith based organizations and agencies.

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Ms. Gibbs also sponsors a “Women Empowerment” workshop and support group designed to enhance the spiritual growth and development of single and married women.Issues dealt with through Safe Harbor Christian Counseling are: Trauma, Relationship Struggles, Grief, Sexual Abuse, Divorce, Blended Families, Panic, Anxiety, and Addictions. Ms. Gibbs and her staff are available to provide Counseling Services to Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, and Families. Ms.

Gibbs license is LCSW-C which stands for a Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical.Ms. Gibbs has a state of Maryland residency and that is where she mainly practices. She is also licensed in Washington D.C.

, Virginia, and Georgia. A phone number for Safe Harbor Christian Counseling is: (404) – 692 – 5299 or 1 – 800 – 305 – 2089. Email Address: www. are some informational questions:1.

Please explain your typical day or week as a counselor?2. What are your responsibilities of being a counselor?3. Why did this type of work interest you?4.

What occupations and capabilities have directed you to your current position?5. Why did you choose this company to work for?6. What do you like best about this company?7. What interests you least about your career?8. What are the educational requirements for this career?9.

How well did your university knowledge organize for this career?10. How do you think graduation from a private (or public) university is viewed when it comes to hiring?11. What are the typical entry level positions for this field?12. What’s the best advice you would give to someone interested in this field?13.

How did you prepare for this work? If you were entering this career today, would your preparation in any way to facilitate entry?14. I am told that I am a very good listener, I am very compassionate, and I love to help others, these are my strongest assets. Where would these traits and skills be helpful in this organization?15.

How would you assess my experience in terms of entering this field?16. What are your views on professional ethics and academic integrity?17. What is the role of psychological research on your work?18. What is or was your greatest challenges and rewards?19. What were your reasons for choosing this career?20.

What are relevant professional organizations for this career?For the start of the interview when Ms. Gibbs says “Hello, it’s Jennifer, correct? How are you today? “I will respond “Hello Ms. Gibbs,” as I shake her hand with a good grip, not too strong, but not too soft, with good eye contact, and I will ask her how she is doing.