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The handy use of warmth recuperation utilizing thermoelectric requires the acknowledgment of sensible cost adequacy. Accordingly, a thermoelectric generator (TEG) structure that can perfectly build efficiency and diminish cost was researched with the point of improving cost viability. To expand efficiency, a strategy for utilizing a vacuum space structure to lessen the TEG measure was explored to empower establishment soon after the nearby coupled catalyzer, which is liable to numerous space confinements. It was discovered that by making it conceivable to utilize high temperature debilitate warm, control age efficiency can be expanded to roughly twice that of the run of the mill under flor establishment. Moreover, coupled reenactment of warmth exchange and power age utilizing FEM, 1D cost adequacy recreations, and seat tests were performed with the point of lessening cost. These outcomes clarified that utilization of a TEG with a warmth focus structure empowered to lessen the quantity of components used to 1/4 and the framework cost to roughly 1/2 that of the already examined Honda framework, while as yet keeping up roughly a similar size and power yield.