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The eminent Rabindranath Tagore who stepped into international prominence when he was honoured with the Noble prize in year 1913. On gaining abundance of achievements Tagore started being an inspiration for millions of people due to his writings, poems, art, music, dance, plays, drama’s, paintings, etcetera. He belonged to a family which was rich as well as cultured and appreciated him during his thick and thin situations. His lifestyle being full of simplicity, love, affection, kindness had never been a hurdle during his tasks as his gracious behaviour helps the upcoming generation too.

In the operative ways of the world, Tagore saw regular halting and restarts, exhaling and inhaling, sleep and walk and encouraged that one should stay positive and he introduced use of colloquial language into Bengali literature by providing freedom from classical Sanskrit. Not only this, he is also regarded as the outstanding creative artist of modern India as he was highly influential in introducing the best of Indian culture to the west and vice versa. Tagore was honoured as the first non-European to win the noble prize in Literature in 1913. He started writing at very young stage and surprisingly, his first poem was published when he was 8-years-old and along with this, he completed his first writing at the age of 14. And was mainly interested in two main things one is relationship among humans and other is motherland. He wanted to admire people through some crucial factors such as harmony, unity, peace, affection, love through his poems, drama’s, dance, paintings and many more things.

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Strolling forth, if Rabindra is separated from Tagore