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The difference between weather and climate is that weather is not a permanent condition, where the condition can change by the day such as it could be sunny one day but do a complete 360 the next day it could be rainy, on the other hand, climate is shown to have a continuing and eternal condition where it could be hot or cold for a long period of time. To make it simple, weather is what the condition of the atmosphere is currently where as climate is shown to happen in an average of a couple of months or even a year. Climate can be seen a extensive year term where weather can be seen as a few hour or day term.

It all depends on its atmosphere temperature. Climate also has weather swings throughout the year but weather swings are usually changing within the day and time. Example of weather could include rain and storms done separately but on the same day and time, whereas climate can show how storms and thunderstorms can be joined are one. Climate can also be shown to be controlled by the weather due to its intense pattern of different conditions in the atmosphere. An area or region can experience multiple conditions such as winds, clouds and sunny days during a matter of a few seconds.

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When analyzing the weather, weather reports ask analyze how the weather would be for the day, from time to time and day to day. They can predict how many inches of rain could fall or even predict which area will have the most heaviest rainfall will occur. Climate researchers try to figure out the next weather change to come in a few years time. They take the current state of a temperature of an area and figure out how it may affect it for the years to come.

Climate is something one anticipates to happen. For instance, if you travel to Alaska, one would expect it to be cold all year long, whereas if one travels to california, the weather and seasons change just about every day. It could be cold one day but hot and sunny the next. Climate would be the overall temperature condition in the area one is located in.

A desert would be considered a climate because its more broad and the weather would be considered how hot it is. Unlike the weather, the climate is analyzed through a period of years to establish its weather patterns and periods through a region or area.