The theory also does not emphasize the

The controversies regarding Erikson’s developmental theory have raised several questions and ideas about a child’s development. Although there are some critiques of Erikson’s theory, his general theory is still valid based on studies and research. Critics of Erikson’s theory discuss how the stages are not described completely and how some disagree with his idea that male and females have personality differences based on biological factors. Some critics also believe that some children do not go through the eight stages exactly. For example, a baby might begin to talk much later or earlier than others. People of different cultures could affect the timing of each stage for a child. Critics also question Erikson’s idea regarding identity formation.

A question arises whether if it’s possible for an individual to change throughout life or not. Is it possible for an adult to change in later life based on experiences and life changes? His theory also does not emphasize the emotional and cognitive developmental aspects. There is very little discussion regarding cognitive and emotional development.

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