The As the year progresses, the world

The conclusion is, if in modern times it is still using aircraft like in the past the exact number and percentage of deaths are increasing.

Moreover, if today we are still expecting a zeppelin and helium aircraft, this means the world is still not yet advanced and still has not grown so rapidly. As the year progresses, the world of aircraft is growing well. Have better progress from previous years. The aircraft was created in the early years by a pioneer named Leonardo da Vinci. The idea is so creative.

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If it is included, without the idea and painting it is certain that our country today is still using land transportation and our country should not go ahead if there is no pioneer like Leonardo da Vinci. In addition, air transport is to facilitate and shorten the journey. However, undeniable air transport also has a very dangerous risk compared to land transportation. My recommendation is, in the coming years can reduce the shocks of the airplane. Additionally, maintaining a good landing system without a sudden or sudden landing.

Next, always control the pilot and continue to practice them without any other risks. Not only that, to reduce complaints for today and the future is to speed up deal between customer and airline company. In fact, if there is a mutual understanding like flight or customer ticket, settle in a good way without raising the voice and so on. Finally, keep a good and courteous service for today and the future.