The last rest of their life, but sometimes

The Causes and Effects of DivorceFrom past to today’s days’ people have adapted to live with each other or get married. They spend their life together. They support each other. Marriage is the process that makes two sides be together, share everything with each other and depend on each other.

This process is connected with culture and religious. Most people want to lead their marriage to last rest of their life, but sometimes something will get wrong and they choose divorce as a solution to handle with some problems and get their independence to live own life. The effect of divorce can be miserable.

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In fact, there is one main cause of divorce. It is marriage at a young age. This essay will deal with effects of marriage among young generation.Today young generations get married without understanding what is it. Most of them do not take it serous and they think it is the last key to get rid of control from their parents.

According to the fact, (Unicef, 2018) in most of countries the legal age for young marriage is eighteen, getting married not reaching legal age not only against the rules but also against human rights. Moreover, young families cannot take care each other in any situations, for example during their pregnancy so they can face with some difficulties and it might effect to newborn child. Young girl’s health condition is not ready enough to give a birth. So as result most of them take risk during maternity and get some illnesses.

Tal Falick, Bergman and Guelchinsky (2015) note that “This effect, which has been observed in liver, skin, bone, the hematopoietic system, nerve and muscle, is attributable to the altered functions of many biological processes. These include changes in growth factors or in extracellular matrix components, accumulation of DNA damage, and decline in the responsiveness of progenitor cells” (cited in Elsevier 2015, p1125) for this reasons most of girls seem victims, when they get marriage at young age.After getting married and having a child new brides have to take domestic role of being a wife or other things which can make them difficulty, so they will not have chance to continue their study, moreover most schools are refused to take a girl if she has married or has a baby, many girls around the world are not in education, because most of schools are expensive or far away from their home, at the end parents see marriage as the last option for their daughters. (The Idea Bureau, no date). Taking away girl from school to marry and give a birth close her opportunity to become as an individual.

One more thing young couples do not have enough experiences or knowledge about modern life, they grow up in prosperity. Nowadays most of people without education cannot find well-paid jobs, so they don’t have enough ability to earn for their life. This view supported by Sabitra Dhakal (2011) who heads up the Tipping Point movement in Nepal, he says that “why this is creating a strong background for the cycle of poverty, child marriage is not only a bad practice for girls, it is really a bad practice for boys too.

” (cited in Strochlic 2014), that can cause them in danger. We can say that it is one of the case of most of young couples breaking up their relationship.A further common reason why teens getting marriage is freedom.

They want to go out from their parent’s home and become responsible, but it is not easy as they think. Most teens do not like listen their parent’s advice or opinion and they feel they know more than their parent’s. They don’t like controls and rules by their parent’s. However, most teens cannot understand that parents wish all good things and want to do something good for them. Most teens think parent makes their life boring and miserable, and not giving enough freedom. But at the end they understand the importance of parents and when they need their advices it might be very late.

Parents are the only single way to succeed in marriage. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari (2014) says “A positive parental role works as a win-win situation in the family where an additional member brings added joy and happiness to all.” To conclude, there are a number of possible factors which can reduces divorce.

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