The for posterity. Expectations have been fully met

The botanical garden has not only revived garden history, it has also created a better framework for preserving Botanical Gardens’ collection of over millions of plants species for posterity. Expectations have been fully met thanks to a complete professional effort.

Not only the sensitive preservation of the most important elements – but also the introduction of new features makes the Botanical Garden easier to keep and use, and that works well with Flindt’s original plan. A beautiful and easily accessible facility for the enjoyment of young and old. “Long before the term “biodiversity” appeared, botanic gardens were doing activities that are now associated with it.They participate in the description of new species and the studies carried out on them in order to discover the possible uses in agriculture, industry, horticulture or for research.

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Gardens have also historically conserved rare wild plant species (ie, ex situ conservation , that is, outside the natural environment of the species).The collections of garden plants are certainly reference collections par excellence for their diversity (more than 80 000 species are represented in the collections of the world’s botanic gardens, ie almost one-third of the known plants) and for the documentation attached thereto .A botanical garden gives us a real glimpse of the world of plants.

The plants that make up forests, steppes or meadows are crossed here: an exceptional dive in all the tremendous diversity of these plants around the world. And yes, of course, this is the easiest way to “visit” the tropics.Botanical gardens combine two important things: pleasure and scientific research. For many, it’s not a logical association.

The visit of a botanical garden simply allows you to relax, to forget for a moment the stress of the city and the daily life. What’s more pleasant than being quiet while enjoying unusual plants? In addition, the garden is also a source of knowledge for research into the use of plants. Even today we discover a plant that have not been described and that is why the Botanical Garden of Berlin seeks to transmit this knowledge.