The September 1940 and 10th May 1941, under

The blitz was a sustained bombing of Britain by the Nazi Germany between 7th September 1940 and 10th May 1941, under the rein of ‘The chancellor’ Adolf Hitler, during the Second World War.

41,000 British soldiers died saving their country from the formidable attack of the German army. Over 137,000 Germans were killed in Britain because of the failed Luftwaffe attacks on Britain that conquered all of Europe. Blitz the German word for ‘lightning’ was used by the British press and media to describe the frequent bombing raids carried put in London during the Battle of Britain. So, Blitz Spirit means spirit during lightning – meaning fast or frequent – German bombing raids. The government have been told that they made up the Blitz Spirit where some people claimed that it was fake and not actually there.

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The main reason for people to say this is because by May 1941 1.4 million people just in London were homeless living in churches, town halls and the world-famous London underground. The higher percentage of the people living in the London Underground were middle-class citizens because the needed to live closer to their work to earn a good income which resulted in more dying. The houses that they lived in were closer together as the government thought that the more people they could fit in to less-well off areas the more work the higher class, richer and higher tier people like member of parliament, the houses were made quicker, with less effort.

The wealthier people that lived around the 1940s often lived in the countryside where the evacuees were sent to. To back that fact most of the evacuees had amazing reports of living with ‘war parents’ but they did not as the children were not toilet trained in some circumstances.