The national economic growth and contribute to

The biggest obstacles to the sector are related to the productivity of the sector. To increase productivity, this sector will increase spending on this sector. This sector includes 1. Increase availability of capacity. 2 Increase Business Traveler 3.

Improve Service LevelsAt the same time, the government should do the following: 1. Establish sector directives. 2 Travel budgets spend more money on tourism infrastructures, such as historical monuments and museums.

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In any case, the government is paying more attention to the tourism class in Mongolia and strives to increase productivity for each cluster.IFC is an example of a sector investmentSince 1956 IFC has invested $ 2.6 billion. 260 projects in 89 countries (including syndicates); More than half of these investments are in the International Development Association (IDA) countries of the world’s poorest countries.The hotel plays an important role in the development and development of tourism and business infrastructure. In addition, the hotel creates jobs, raises tax revenues, increases foreign currency revenues, and opportunities for small businesses.

Being able to contribute to local, regional and national economic growth and contribute to poverty reduction, IFC is heavily engaged in hotels and tourism. Their commitment is to protect the environment, preserve cultural heritage, preserve cultural heritage, preserve cultural heritage and increase the interests of historical significance.