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The author in the above argument concludes that hormone used to produce larger cows is the reason behind the increase in childhood obesity in Jalikistan. However, the evidences provided in support of the conclusion are not very convincing to the reader. The author compares the increase in chilhood obesity between milk consuming child and lactose intolerant child to explain the conclusion but fails to consider other factors that might help in increase in obesity of children.

Childhood obesity is said to be grown by 200 percent in the argument. This claim raises few spektical questions. What number of children were surveyed during the study? Are the children who were surveyed the representative of all children in Jalikistan. The author fails to provide a convincing answers to these questions. The argument would have been believable had the author answered these questions.

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The author states that many farmers in Jalikistan used hormone to produce larger cows. But how many number of farmers is many? May be the farmers who used the hormone are the parents of child who were lactose intolerant who didn’t consume milk. The author also fails to study about the corelation between the hormone used and obesity. Are drinking milk generated by larger cows that were produced by using hormone and obesity in childhood directly proportional to eachother. The author fails to study about this relation. The case may be different that children who drink this milk may decrease obesity level.

The author in the argument completely fails to surmise about the other factors that helps in increase of obesity of children. The children in which obesity grew might have eaten foods other than milk that increase fat level in body. For example, children might have eaten excessive dry foods with cocacola that leaded to increase in obesity.

The author needs to do more substantive research before claiming that increase in childhood obesity in Jalikstan is all because of hormone used to produce larger cows. The author fails to more provide convincing evidences to support the conculsion he asserts.