The Fitzgerald’s reflection on the American Dream-the belief

The American dream is still alive, one of the reasons being that America provides many opportunities every day. Compared to other countries American public school provides the requisite they need to thrive both in and after school, but it’s up to students to use it to their advantage, which is why the American dream is achievable for anyone if enough hard work and persistence are put into it. There is also multiple job opportunity available, that can help people reach their American dream. In America and I, Anzia Yezierska comes to America for a better life and goes through a few jobs.

This shows that America is full of opportunity and work because even as an immigrant Anzia got multiple jobs and could provide for herself. In America, jobs can be procured simply by having a GED, but most people want the easy way up.In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby was reaching for a green light far away, which is often understood as part of Fitzgerald’s reflection on the American Dream-the belief that people are always reaching towards their dream which are usually unachievable overnight, reaching for things that are greater than themselves ultimately realizing that its just out of reach. most people don’t believe in the American dream because they want to blow up overnight, they all want the Gatsby life style, nice cars, a huge house, breath taking parties every weekend, but most people don’t want to do the work, they want to reach the Gatsby lifestyle without setting goals and putting in the effort, and when it doesn’t happen they start to question the American dream. The problem with the American dream, the reason why people don’t believe in it is because people don’t set goals for themselves, they don’t know that setting goals provide direction, clear focus on their dreams, provides motivation, gives control over personal future and gives a purpose in life, which leads me to my third and final reason why the American dream is still alive.Hard work is necessary to achive the goals set toward ones American dream.

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The amount money one has doesn’t really matter, because most buisnesses tend to look for people who are hardworking, determined and dedicated. They are in search for innovative. Some may think the American dream because they feel that it is now imposible to climb the economic ladder nowadays, but anything can be accomplished with hard work and determination especially if goals are set.