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The advantage of Internet shopping is it made easier and convenient for customer to shopping through the internet. This is because it can save time for the customers that are busy with their works. Customer also does not have to stand in queues to pay for the product and they can look for the product by entering the key words or using search engines. Then, can help customer to choose anything because from the internet shopping it have a wide variety of product that are available. Other than that, customer can use online tracking to track their order status and delivery status. Next, online shopping gives no pressure to customer because some of customer feels pressure when the sales representatives try to influence them to buy the product. Lastly, online shopping also can save the money. This is because, to attract the customer to shop online, all the retailer or marketers will offer the discount to the customer. The retailers are able to sell the product with the discount through online.
The disadvantages of Internet shopping are delay in delivery. The customer will frustrated because they have to wait for the long time. Even though, the duration of selecting, buying and paying the product only take 15 minutes but the delivery of the product to customer takes about 1-3 weeks. After that, customer also cannot touch the product over the quality of the product. Online shopping is not suitable for the clothes because they cannot try them on. Then, online shopping also may lack of close examination. A customer has to buy the product without seeing how it looks like and customer may click and buy the product that is not required that they want. Last but not least, online shopping also makes the fraud. This is because, the online payment are not much secured. The rate of cyber-crimes has been increasing and customer credit card detail and bank details have been misused which raise privacy issues.