Terrorism influence. It is already starting in 2016

Terrorism is estimated to be still strong in the year 2017. Weakening the radical group ISIS in Syria and Iraq due to pressure from international groups estimated will shift the power of ISIS to other regions. Some figures of ISIS that stemmed from Southeast Asia especially Indonesia would indicate its existence in order to show off the power and influence. It is already starting in 2016 as action on Thamrin, Solo, Samarinda, Medan and Tangerang which is influenced by Bahrun Naim, a character ISIS originating from Indonesia. In the year 2017 action to be done (again) in Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia. ISIS figures originating from Indonesia expected to or have already shifted to Southeast Asia with location prediction in Mindanao.

If the security apparatus in Indonesia do not conduct operations in Poso Poso then chances are it will be one of the headquarters of a radical group affiliated with ISIS

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