Taping alignment of surrounding structures.45,59 Measurements of

Taping has been reported to show reduction in innominate rotation, taping generates cutaneous stimulation causing reflex contraction of connective muscular tissue beneath the skin and lowers threshold value of recruitment of motor units.

It acts as an external feedback to patients and also helps in correcting the alignment of surrounding structures.45,59 Measurements of range of motion determine the spinal range limitation and also measure the impairment in people. In the present study, a statistical significant difference was noted in lumbar range of motion for both flexion and extension in both the groups.

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One study supported our study findings which reported that mobilization was beneficial in improving lumbar sacral flexion range of motion, reducing pain intensity and disability in pregnant women with SIJD.93 The reason for increase in range of motion could be due to decrease in pain levels. A study was done to compare lumbar manipulation and sacroiliac manipulation in patients with low back pain. The outcome measures were assessed pre and post intervention.

The study concluded with improvement in pain levels as well as improvement in back performance but no statistical significant difference was noticed between both the groups.59Since the technique applied rotational forces to the spine this may have caused the increase in lumbar mobility, another reason could be that since there is reduction in pain levels the mobility must have increased. Therapeutic ultrasound was used as conventional treatment. Therapeutic ultrasound has been used in the treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions.

The pulsed mode was selected as it aids in soft tissue repair. Pain relief could have been the results of the non thermal effect of pulsed mode ultrasound which helps in stimulation of histamine from mast cells. It also aids in fibroblast stimulation, increase in protein synthesis, tissue regeneration and increase in blood circulation to a particular area.109 A prospective randomized controlled trial done to check the effect of spinal manipulation and therapeutic ultrasound on individuals with chronic low back pain reported improvements in both groups110 this could have been because both the treatments have therapeutic effects in decreasing pain, inflammation and improving range of motion.