Studying economics provides one with not just

Studying economics provides one with not just an understanding of human behaviour, but also cultivates in students the problem-solving, analytical, communication and persuasion skills that are critical for success in today’s job market. In business, economists can provide key insights into how to make a product or service appeal more to customers by de-constructing their incentives and desires. The deep insights into customer behaviour, business strategy and volatile markets that economics provides can help companies make intelligent decisions to promote greater business growth and success.

Companies are always eager to find better ways to make their value proposition clearer and more compelling; this is why skilled economists and economic analysts are in heavy demand across industries today. Following up the study of economics with an MBA opens up lucrative opportunities in marketing, finance and consulting, making it a vital first step onto a career path with exciting growth opportunities and prospects. This is one of the reasons that graduates in economics and postgraduates with a background in economics command some of the highest wages in the global job market.

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