Stress in serious cheating, over half plagiarize

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Everyone faces stress but if it lasts for a long time it can have negative effects on us. When your a teenager it is perhaps one of the most interesting, intense and complicated periods in the life of almost any person. To begin with, the main causes of stress in a teenagers life are academic pressure and social media.

First off, one of the major things that cause youth to stress is academic pressure. Young people feel stressed about academics because of the constant pressure to perform well. For example a CNN poll of 4,500 high schoolers has showed that around 75% of students engage in serious cheating, over half plagiarize directly from the internet and about 50% believe that copying answers doesnt count as cheating. This shows how students want to do anything to perform well because of academic pressure and the fear of failure. Students see their grades as the most important part of life. As students believe good grades means going to a good university and having a successful future. This brings stress on youth when they fail a test and also when they have trouble achieving good grades. As a result students turn towards cheating by compromising their own education. As students spend most of their day at school. Academic pressure is one of the major causes of stress for young people today.

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In addition, social media is another major cause of stress youth face today. Youth spend a lot of their time scrolling through social media and staring at their cell phone screens. A report by Common Sense Media states that on average teenagers spend 9 hours a day using social media. That’s more time than teenagers typically spend sleeping, and more time than they spend with their parents and at school. The large amount of time teenagers spend social media can cause stress because social media brings constant updates from friends and family showcasing how perfect their lives can be seen.are can cause feelings of inadequacy. This cause young people to feel stressed and worried that their life isn’t as exciting or that they haven’t accomplished as much as their peers. This in turn can cause constant stress on teenagers to portray their ideal selves and keep it up for everyone to see. social media has a great impact on young people’s life as they spend a lot of their time using social media it can cause stress.

In conclusion, stress effects young people as they are changing and experiencing new challenges. Stress is a universal bodily and psychological process that we all experience but to much of it can cause negative side effects. As it affects young people the most though academic pressure and social media. It’s important to minimize stress and prevent it from taking over the lives of young people.