Step use to increase sales and secondary goals

Step 1: Define the Website’s Purpose and Target AudienceIn order to get a website started one must define the websites goals, objectives, and audience and then expressing a written purpose statement for the website. • Website Goals: There’s primary goals and secondary goals. Primary goals is use to increase sales and secondary goals promotes, establish, educate, inform and encourage visitors.

• Website Objectives: The approaches that the website developers use to complete the goals. • Target Audience Wants, Needs, and Expectations: Most audience prefer a interesting and well organized website with useful information that is easy to find. The website will vary based on the websites purpose in consideration of what the audience seek. • Website Purpose StatementStep 3: Selecting the Website’s StructureAfter defining a websites purpose, one can recognize its target audience, and ready to plan the structure of the website. The web structure supports viewer to find what they seek just by a few clicks.

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• Linear/Tutorial Structure: organizes and presents webpages in a specific order. • Webbed Structure: a webbed website structure, also known as a random website structure, does not assemble its pages in a detailed order. • Hierarchical website structure: arranges web pages into categories and subcategories by cumulative level of aspect.