Singapore (STPB) was established by law under

Singapore Tourism Promotion Board (STPB) was formed on 1 January 1964 to enhance Singapore’s specialization attraction to Singapore. The purpose of creating the board was to coordinate the activities of the tourist enterprise, improve and develop the facilities and attraction for the visitor. Not only that, it is to adjust the standard within the industry and bring up the promotional campaigns. The role of promoting Singapore’s attraction as a tourist attraction was handled by Singapore Tourist Association (STA), which was formed under the Ministry of Culture in February 1960. It is to identify as a key for the industry and find out the potential source for better income and employment for locals.

Singapore Tourism Promotion Board (STPB) was established by law under Ministry of Finance to assume the function of STA and expand the scope and value to include the development of tourism industry with the aim of presenting Singapore as a preferred tourist destination. The decision was important because it was the Singapore’s history for the first time that government has consciously made the goal to increase the tourist’s arrival through the policy and legislation. Minister for Finance Goh Keng Swee, introduced the first Tourism Promotion Board Bill on 28 November 1963. The first board member was included K.

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M.Bryne as chairman and representatives from the Economic Development Board which are included the Singapore Tourist Association, travel agents, airlines, restaurants, and hotels. It has organized some publicity campaigns that show the attraction in the principal tourist market; co-ordinated activities of the tourism-related business. It regulated the standard of the tourism sector and improved the facilities and attractions for visitors to Singapore. When STPB was established in 1964, Singapore had marked the increase in annual tourists arrivals from 109, 730 in 1963 to 204, 852 in 1967 according to the Singapore Tourism Board. It shows that they have successfully attracted the tourist and attained its “million-tourists-a-year-mark”.

STPB was renamed as Singapore Tourism Board on 19 November 1997 to reflect the expanded role. According to Singapore Tourism Board, the tourism sector currently contributes approximately of 4% to Singapore gross domestic product. Tourism plays a fundamental role in reinforcing Singapore’s status.

It also appreciated the elements and diversity of the leisure options to locals and helps to create a living environment that the locals can proud to call home for the visitors. Singapore Tourism Board has extended to the worldwide, which STB has an extensive network of offices that spanning in the world. Currently, there are 20 Regional Offices and 4 Marketing Representatives spread over 7 regions. These Regional Office undertake the spectrum of tourism functions, from tourism marketing until the investment promotion.

They are working together in a market industry as a partner to promote Singapore to overseas consumers, facilities tourism companies in investment plans and business alliances. Theoretical frameworkMICE – tourism industrySingapore Exhibition ; Convention Bureau was ranked Asia’s top convention City by International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Singapore is a global leader for business events. SECB has over 40 years of experience in helping event professionals, meeting planner and incentive organizers from around the world and executes successful events in Singapore.

(Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau).Cruise – tourism industrySingapore is also well-develop in excellent air connectivity and world-class port infrastructure that become an idea hub for the cruise industry. Cruise industry becoming the popular intern of quality, facilities, variety experience and ocean view that people will choose for a cruise as a transportation to travel. (Singapore Tourism Board) Transportation in SingaporeNowadays, travel is considered a daily life such as from home to office or home to school, to meet the increasing level of the travel demand, public transport is always the first choice of people to choose as a transportation for a destination. Using public transport has the variety of benefits such as easily accessible services, comfortable travel journeys, save time and affordable fares that happen in Singapore. As a garden of the city, less pollution, and traffic that can also help the environment.

(Ministry of Transport) eco-friendly and sustainable tourism As a garden of the city, eco- friendly and sustainable is always the main focus point of view from Singapore. According to Visit Singapore, Garden by the Bay, Singapore Botanic Garden, and others eco-friendly park is always the first choice of people visit. Garden by the Bay is an eco-friendly horticultural sanctuary that built by the government. It was conceptualized in 2005 as a key of government’s City in a Garden vision. According to sustainable Singapore, the blueprint 2015 outlines that the national vision is to plan for more livable and sustainable Singapore. The blueprint is the plan for action and provides the locals a unique opportunity to work together and create a better environment for people.

(Singapore Tourism Board), (Ministry of the Environment and Water resource), (Singapore Botanic Garden), (Garden by the Bay)Development that causes the habitats and living situation According to WWF Singapore, the wildlife that is currently losing and special habitats is about to extinct in this world. It is not only the issue for a country, is for all around the world. Say no to illegal wildlife trade such as tiger bones or ivory. Critical species is only living in the forests to support their delicate ecosystem.

Due to the development, they are continuously losing the critical species from hunted down and that makes the habitat is being destroyed. (WWF Singapore) (Central Catchment Nature Reserve) (Wildlife Reserves Singapore)Climate changes and pollutionClimate change is a past and present actions that should be contributing. The causes and impacts of climate change are the global issues that require international corporation. It should be work together with the government and research community that to understand better in the current situation with geographical features.

It started planning and taking action on the climate exchange. Singapore’s Building construction authority is trying to make better technology that can help the Singapore such as solar power, water filter, and others technologies. (Ministry of Environment and Water Resources formed by Singapore government) (Singapore’s Building Construction Authority) Gastronomy tourism in Singapore Singapore’s street food is known for being affordable, hygiene, an endless offering of choices of gastronomy delights. The biggest challenges that they are currently facing is the young generation wouldn’t make the trade for the serious intern of a high rising cost and ingredients. Singapore and Hong Kong is the comparison in term of gastronomy tourism because ingredients are mostly imported compare to Hong Kong local seafood caught by the fisherman. Enright and Newton (2005) pointed that food ranked second in the attractions of Hong Kong, where Singapore is ranked fifth.

(nation new, Singapore) (Enright ; Newton, 2004, 2005) ( Hender- son, 2004) Casino Issue in SingaporeThe government has faced public criticism from 4 communities, its overs from 2005 decision to end a longstanding ban on gambling and open first licensed casino resort in early 2010. Critics replied country is flirting with social disaster. A published study by the University of Exeter and Swansea University in the UK has shown that gamblers respond as positively to a near win as they actually hit the jackpot.

With rising cost of living, it would not surprise the gambling addiction trend in Singapore society. (Reuters, Singapore aims to keep local problem gamblers out of casino) (2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014) by Ministry of Community Development Youth and Sports 13, 14 and the National Council of Problem Gambling( NCPG) 15,16. (UCA,, Casino losers pose the social problem for Singapore)